I am an author and journalist based in Bangalore. My weakness is to create, retell and listen to stories full of magic, fantasy and non-human thingummies. That and tea of course.

296502_10151826875928146_1733045824_nAs you read this, I am working hard on a series about Anantya Tantrist, a tantric detective who is kickass and so much groovier than I am. Book 1 of the series has just released. Want to know more of my work? Head to the books section to read what else I’ve published. For other stuff that I do check out my projects page.

In this website, I collect stories from life and other places.

Witchery of writing records secrets of penning down books and the things I’ve learnt about the publishing industry.
Creative chats is full of stories of meeting creative writers and artists who’ve changed my life. I also ask guest authors to write about their inspirations here.
Tall Tales is a project where I retell myths and folklores I’ve heard during my travels.
Life’s loose pages is full of spurts of poems and untaggable stuff that I feel like recording now and then. About life, the universe and the unexpected.
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When I don’t write…

I watch morbid movies, have passionate discussions on arbid questions of life, read mythology, listen to people’s life stories or go take a hike, literally. I get inspired by things like gulmohar trees with its red flowers, a dead moth, steaming hot cup of green tea, the beautiful flight of a crow, weathered lips of an old woman, the grayness in a blue sky or a crumpled news piece. My heart thumps with excitement by written works of Shakespeare, Ursula Le Guin, Roald Dahl, Lewis Carroll, Isaac Asimov, Terry Pratchett and comics by Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore. My family, husband, muse (who has the uncanny habit of dropping by when I am sleeping) and keyboard help me in bringing these stories out of my head and on to the screen.


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Ending with a few pictures from my life. For more, head to my Instagram feed.

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